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13.01.2023 | Artist Talk
[ Film x Media Art x Gaming – The Art of Interdisciplinary Creating | Short Film Programme & Artist Talks | in Cooperation With CIVA ]
CIMIx 2023 - Creative Industries meet Industry 2023 | the AV Edition

WKO, Vienna, AT


19.11.2022 | Online Talk
[ Community Building 101 - Building professional friendships ]
Part of Expo Metaverse Brazil. Talk as XRVienna with Gabriella Chihan Stanley
Porto Alegre, BR

18.11.2022 | Conference Presentation
[ (Beyond) Representation in (post-) anthropocentric virtual worlds ]
Playing the Field III. Congress as Immerea OG.
Amerikanhaus Munich, DE

17.11.2022 | Lecture
[ Inclusion and Accessibility in Virtual Reality and interactive Media ]
Lecture part of: Screen Reader - Positions on Accessibility. Talk as Immerea OG.
Organised by the University Library and the Student Welcome Center
Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, AT

15.11.2022 | Guest Lecture
[ TransArts: Flavia Mazzanti und Manuel Bonell (Immerea): Hybrid Relations in Digital Media ]
Studio TransArts - Transdisziplinäre Kunst
die Angewandte, Vienna, AT

03.11.2022 | Guest Lecture

[ Ludic Phygital Lunch: Flavia Mazzanti & Manuel Bonell (Immerea). VR, XR, Game & Art - Ludic Neuromats? ]
Studio Experimental Game Cultures, Prof. Margarete Jahrmann

die Angewandte, Vienna, AT

26.09.2022 | Lecture

[ Flip*Flop - Ort für künstlerische Transformation ]
Villa Müller, Feldkirch, AT

20.09.2022 | Lecture
[ Pixel, Bytes + Film Workshop ]
Villa Schapira, Vienna, AT

09.06.2022 | Talk and Panel

[ Subotron Interactive Heritage. Game Studies: From Theory to Experience. ]
Subotron Interactive Heritage Series. Talk as Immerea OG.

Panel with Tracy Fullerton, Ian Bogost, Mathias Fuchs, Eugen Pfister. Moderation by Konstantin Mitgutsch.
MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, AT

08.06.2022 | Guest Lecture
[ Faculty of New Media Art ]
Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology.
Guest lecture as Immerea OG

Warsaw, PL

13.05.2022 | Congress Presentation

[ Interdisciplinary Approaches in Media Art ]
Un\Real. 4th Swiss Interactive Media Design Day (IMD 2022). Congress as Immerea OG.
St. Gallen, School of Design, St. Gallen, CH

16.03.2022 | Online Forum

[ Immerea OG: Transdisziplinarität in Medienkunst ]
Forum Innovation, Kreativität & Unternehmensgründung. Online Forum as Immerea OG.

St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences
Online event, St. Pölten, AT

04.03.2022 | Conference Presentation

[ Inhabiting Virtual Spaces in Sandbox Games ]
Culture at Play: Spaces - Colours - Stories in Digital Games. Conference as Immerea OG.

University of Freiburg, Department of English and American Studies
Online event, Freiburg, DE

04.02.2022 | Conference Presentation

[ (Post-)Anthropocentric Environments in Sandbox Games ]
Gamers4Nature. Conference as Immerea OG.
University of Aveiro, Department of Communication and Art
Online event, Aveiro, PT

27.10.2021 | Artist Talk

[ Podiumsgespräch ]
iAM Lab in Kooperation mit DA Z Digital Arts Festival Zürich
Finanzmuseum, SIX-Gebäude, Pfingstweidstrasse 110, 8005 Zürich, CH

24.08.2021 | Keynote Speaker

[ Neuro-Traces. An interactive BCI + VR installation ]
Start Over: An XRVienna + Women in Immersive Tech EU Meetup
Art Gallery "das weisse haus", Hegelgasse 14, 1010, Vienna, AT

23.04.2021 | Symposium Presentation

[ Breaking Dualism: Ecofeminist strategies for a post-anthropocentric society ]
V International Congress on Architecture and Gender | ACTION! Feminisms and the spatialization of resistance.
International Congress organized by W@ARCH.PT
Online event, Lisbon, PT

24.03.2021 | Online Exhibition and Panel Presentation

[ Postdigital Perspectives. On how technology influences the perception of our surroundings ]
Deep City. Climate Crisis, Democracy and the Digital.
WALL Session. International Latsis Symposium - Open Forum organized by EPFL Labs: ALICE (Atelier de la Conception de l'espace) and LDM (Media and Design Laboratory).
Online event, Rolex Learning Center, EPFL, Lausanne, CH

22.03.2021 | Interview and TV Broadcast
[ Tricky Women / Tricky Realities 2021  ]
Interview and TV Broadcast at Okto Community TV, Viennese television channel

12.03.2021 | Artist Talk and Q&A
[ Sympoietic Bodies. International Forum / Best Practice ]
Tricky Women Tricky Realities 2021. International Animation Film Festival.
Lectures & Discussions organized by Tricky Women Tricky Realities
Online event, Vienna, AT

27.02.2021 | Interview and TV Broadcast
[ Pixel, Bytes + Film - Artist in Residence. Flavia Mazzanti: Sympoietic Bodies  ]
Interview and TV Broadcast at Kultur Heute, ORF III, Austrian television channel

24.02.2021 | Keynote Speaker
[ The Value of (XR) Communities. A Virtual Networking Event ]
Event organized by XRVienna and WiiT (Women in Immersive Tech) as part of the official program of the CIVA Festival (Contemporary Immersive Virtual Art).
Online event. AltspaceVR, Vienna, AT

02.12.2020 | Artist Talk and Q&A
[ Sympoietic Bodies, hybrid short film ]
CEE Animation Experience @AnimatekaPRO. Case study as part of the "Expanded and Hybrid Animated Projects."
Masterclass organized by CEE Animation and AnimatekaPRO
Online event, Ljubljana, SI

27.09.2019 | Conference Presentation
[ Urbanization and the ‘Right to the City’: The case of Rio de Janeiro's peripheral areas ]
Feminist Exploration of Urban Futures. International Conference organized by GenUrb
York University, Toronto, CAN

03.09.2019 | Symposium Presentation
[ What makes Public Space an Urban Common? Relics of Capitalism in European and Latin American Cities ]
The City as a Commons. Research Symposium organized by the University of Pavia and the University of Huddersfield
Università degli Studi di Pavia, Pavia, IT

30.01.2019 | Lecture, presentation, opening
[ Die Rote Psyche. Eine Brücke zwischen Psychoanalyse, Pädagogik und Architektur ]
Vienna Rossa: The Magic Mountain of Austro-Marx­ism. Lecture, presentation, opening
Part of Happy Birthday Karl Marx! Collection with a View #4. A cooperation by the Az W with the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Architekturzentrum Wien, Vienna, AT

22.06.2018 | Co-Lecture and Open Discussion
[ The Red Psyche ]
Graduierten Colloquium Bauhaus Dessau. Bauhaus Dessau in Cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Bauhaus Dessau, Dessau, DE

08.06.2018 | Performative Lecture
[ Der Architekt. Ein Beruf im Wandel der Zeit ]
Ich bin Otto Wagner! Performative Lecture in collaboration with IKA Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Wien Museum Karlsplatz, Vienna, AT

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