Urbanization and the Right to the City: The case of Rio de Janeiro's peripheral areas

Research Project, Vienna (AT) and International Conference, Toronto (CAN), 2019


Advisor: Alessandra Cianchetta

Institute for Art and Architecture, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT), WS 2018

"Urbanization and the Right to the City: The case of Rio de Janeiro's peripheral areas" reflects on the contemporary situation of public space in peripheral areas north of Rio de Janeiro, aiming to understand how urbanization plays an active role in influencing society.


The paper is accompanied by a sequence of architectural representations and further development of an urban plan for the suburban area north of the city. The mapping method is here used to analyze different aspects of the metropolis such as public transport, districts and demographics in relation to women’s safety in the city’s public spaces.


The proposal wants to activate different parts of the metropolis which at the moment are still considered as marginal and to transform them into places for cultural innovation and social growth open to everyone. Being half-Brazilian and half-European feminist woman architect actively determines my position in the discussion, allowing me to have a critical and broader point of view on both sides of the Globe. The project questions on topics such as urbanization, mobility, gender, right to the city and everyday life in Brazilian metropolitan areas.

​The Research Project, which started in 2018 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (AT), has been further developed and presented in the Internation Conference organized by GenUrb: "Feminist Explorations of Urban Futures", York University, Toronto (CAN) in September 2019.


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