London Pleasure Garden

W18_MA3_ADP_MAZZANTI_Interactions Land.j

Advisors: Cristina Díaz Moreno & Efrén G Grinda (amid.cero9)

Institute for Art and Architecture, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT), WS 2018

A post-anthropocentric garden in the heart of London. Located in the Honorable Artillery Ground, the site can be understood as a meeting point between the subculture of Shoreditch area and the City of London.


The connection between nature, technology and architecture plays an important role in the project. “Artificially constructed” nature acts in symbiosis with other species but also like a parasite – which reminds us the energetic relation between machines and life. In this way, the life of the artificial depends on the life of the natural.


The resulting pleasure garden is a self-sustained ecosystem, which is generated and transformed through time and space by the interaction between humans, plants and machines. The experience inside the pleasure garden can be divided into 3 main vertical levels: above ground, on ground, and underground.

W18_MA3_ADP_MAZZANTI_Forms of Publicness
W18_MA3_ADP_MAZZANTI_Land Formations.jpg

The new ecosystem is not completely isolated from the outside, but exploits and takes energy from it, creating a relationship of dependency. The space changes through the different interactions of species, environmental changes and elements as water, soil, canopy and machines, and, through the mutation of time and space, individuals can reach new apprehension of the self and the world.


Gardener Robots are present in the site as responsible for taking care of the transformation and decay of the pleasure garden. Gardener robots not only take care of the soil and canopy but play also an important role in relating to the visitors of the pleasure garden, creating a new level of interaction between plants, machines and human beings.