Kunst und Architektur IV. Everyday?

Group Exhibition, Vienna (AT), 2019


Waiting for Itaipú, Flamingo, Moradores

Triptych, 2018

© Flavia Mazzanti

The Triptych "Waiting for Itaipú, Flamingo and Moradores" shows everyday life moments in a culture and land different from what we are used to: Brazil. Being half Brazilian and half European allows me to see the respective daily lives from different perspectives and point of view, arising always new questions and curiosities for the unknown and unfamiliar.

Photography group exhibition: works by Jakob Grabher, Flavia Mazzanti and Luka Lucjia Sola.

Duration: 06/06/2019 - 18/06/2019

Location: University Library, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT)