Die Rote Psyche

Research Project and Documentary Video, 2018

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Collage © Flavia Mazzanti, 2018 / Original images © Österreichische Nationalbibliothek

Advisor: Angelika Schnell

Institute for Art and Architecture, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT), SS 2018

​​A bridge between society, psychoanalysis, pedagogy and architecture.

A journey from the times of the Red Vienna until today.

In 1980,  the Italian architect and theoretician Manfredo Tafuri published the book "Vienna Rossa" (Red Vienna). The volume was the result of a trip to Vienna, which a group of young Italian architects of the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia in the 1970s - including Tafuri itself - lead. The journey pursued the intention to investigate the housing policy in socialist Vienna. Nevertheless, Tafuri's studies do not appear to have any concrete connections between Freudian psychoanalysis and the years of Red Vienna.

The basis of this research project was the interest and the search for a connection between the Freudian bourgeois context with the Red Vienna, with the intention of building a multidisciplinary bridge between society, psychoanalysis, education and architecture.

The project "Die Rote Psyche" was presented in form of a Documentary Video and screened as part of the Group Exhibition "Happy Birthday Karl Marx!" at the Architekturzentrum Wien (AzW), Vienna (AT), 2018-2019.


© IKA, Akbild Wien

© IKA, Akbild Wien

Lecture, presentation, opening "Vienna Rossa: The Magic Mountain of Austro-Marxism (Part 2)"

Architekturzentrum Wien in collaboration with IKA, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT)


Group Exhibition "Happy Birthday Karl Marx!" Collection with a View #4

Showcase to the courtyard AzW Wien,

Architekturzentrum Wien in collaboration with IKA, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT)

27.09.2018 - 05.05.2019

Monika Platzer, Head of Collection, AzW

Angelika Schnell, Prof. of architecture theory, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

in collaboration with students: Fabian Buxhofer, Iklim Dogan, Silvester Kreil, Adrian Man, Flavia Mazzanti, Naomi Mittempergher, Luka Sola

Documentary Video Credits

Written and directed: Flavia Mazzanti

Narrative voice: Flavia Mazzanti

Sigmund Freud's voice: Fabian Buxhofer

Maria Montessori's voice: Elisa Mazagg

Anthony Vidler's voice: Maximilian Klammer

Flavia Mazzanti © 2018

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Institute for Art and Architecture

Vienna 2018

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Happy Birthday Karl Marx!    and    Vienna Rossa: The Magic Mountain of Austro-Marx­ism (Part 2)